Package one ( colour or BW ) $599 baby/ $699 kid

25 images / 1 collage / writing on 2 images /online gallery / high res images.

Package two ( colour or BW ) $799 baby/ $899 kid

50 images / 1 collage / writing on 4 images /online gallery / high res images.

Package three ( colour or BW ) $1099 baby/ $1199 kid

100 images /  1 collage / writing on 10 images /online gallery / high res images.

If you would like both colour and BW, this will be an additional cost to your package. You are also welcome to upgrade your package after the shoot, by simply paying the difference.

Below is a sample of what each package contains.

1 package.jpg
2 package.jpg

Online gallery 

3 Package.jpg

Personalised writing + collage

4 Package.jpg

What's included

 1 hour photo shoot ( including meet and greet )

Retouched Images ready for print and web ( Aprox 6 hours worth )

Font on the selected images of your choice

A personalised PDF with wardrobe / style advice for your little one

Toys & props for the shoot, but we would love if you bring some of you childs favourite things. ( Leigh will fill you in before the session. )

Fruit / light snacks for the kids 

Much needed coffee or tea hit for the parentals :p


Our Studio

Our studio is in our family home, so you will have full access to kitchen if needed, bathroom and garden - if you wish to park a hairy friend outside.


Coffee table books & Framing

We do also make bespoke albums and can help with framing of your minis.

Books - 3 x leather options.

Frames - 3 x wooden options. Black, white & wooden. 

Advertising shoot

Please contact us for rates.


Gift cards

Contact us for gift cards and we will ship to you.

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