Who are KC minis

Husband and wife duo based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.  KC minis is the newest member to the already established creative family Karlstrøm Creatives

Pete - Photographer 

Pete looks like a pirate. That's why a lot of people call him pirate Pete. But don't worry, he doesn't scare your kids. He is a very nice pirate. And a very nice Pappa to Venice and Kippie. Pete has been shooting advertising and fashion for 10 years now and still does. His background is from skatw and street and his love for documentary photography. He has been working for clients such as Coca Cola, Sunnylife, Surf dive n ski and Dr Denim. 

Leigh - Stylist / Entertainer 

Leigh is cool. Naturally cool (Pete words) and very nice, warm friendly and works up a sweat entertaining the kids. She isn’t afraid to be anything from a frog to a wiggle to get a little jiggle out of your rug rat. She is Venice's & Kippie's mum. She has been styling for 10 years now. Working with clients such as Coca Cola, Zanerobe, Surf Dive n ski, Project runway and so on. Leigh will send you a personalised brief on what to bring on the day. 

Why KC minis?

We have both always loved expression and believability in photography. And where else do you find that than in kids. Plus we love kids. KC minis it's all fun and sometimes sad (when the kids loose it) but its real and that's what we want to capture. We want the kids to be kids. We want to create cool natural memories for the mum and dads to share with family and friends, but also have something nice, modern and unique to print and hang on the walls. Something to treasure and remember the moment that have made you laugh.

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